What a joy: new exhibition by Anne-Marie Fischer

What a joy: new exhibition by Anne-Marie Fischer

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Our artist friend Anne-Marie Fischer is exhibiting her artwork at Gallery Daisy in Korea until 12 Nov. Anne-Marie explores different media, such as painting, print-making, collage, sculpture, and reliefs.

The paintings ‘Make it happen!’ belong to a series of works which are almost monochromatic and in which a high level of tension is created through minimal interventions, each work begins anew with a fresh composition which must be searched for, found and developed.

Make it happen! is that magical moment one always hopes for while working; when everything fits and comes together: the signal which tells you that the work has been accomplished.

To create the series, Fischer combines acrylic paint with a collage of cotton fabrics applied in different layers, which is then painted over several times. Each shape is created by using the technique of paper collage: laying simple, abstract figures on a base she generates complex spaces between these figures and transforms these elements into a strong, inner balance.

For New & Abstract, Anne-Marie has created the exclusive collage series "Full red" No 1-12. Find it here.