Jutta Siebert

"The only goal of my artistic work is reduction to the essential, beyond the limits of what is recognisable. I do not give any nameable information. This creates a wide variety of perceptions in the viewer that seem necessary for the work to exist."

Jutta Siebert's artistic work is determined by the desire to constantly experience something new, to disrupt her own viewing habits, to be surprised as often as possible and also to surprise and irritate others.

In terms of content, she is concerned with the networking of different levels of consciousness. The interaction between the present, the possibly distorted or fragmented memory and the stored experiences happens outside of one's own perception. This knowledge of not knowing is a constant game at the edges of reality and always accompanies her.

More and more often, the desire for reduction and the search for the essence arises, and in the creatures she has been creating for the past year, the aim of her artistic work is to concentrate on the essential beyond the limits of the recognizable. She begins her work without a goal or intention, as this develops from within. A dynamic way of working and strong contrasts give rise to expressiveness. The viewer receives no further information from her, but rather space for the most diverse perceptions, which ultimately complete her work.