Max Ruebensal

Max Ruebensal combines an experimental and process-oriented art practice with a conceptual, thematic approach that is inspired by urban culture, the collection of thoughts and the cultivation of our worldviews.

Visually and aesthetically, his works are characterized by a bold, vibrant and expressive style that effortlessly moves along the intersections between abstraction and figuration. Bright, fluorescent colours explode on psychedelic gradients. Chromatic, neon or iridescent tones come in dialogue with disruptive rainbow patterns . Big bursts of hypercolor are layered with various dynamic techniques, creating a mesmerising visual overload.

This interplay of textures, palettes and contrast transmits a vibrancy of motion and fluidity that is full of energy. Sometimes kept abstract, other times combined with traditional painting, the results are works that are both personal and universal in their language.