Five questions to Alessia Dona

Five questions to Alessia Dona

Alessia Dona is a largely self-taught Italian Artist, born in 1984 in Padua, not far from Venice. She lived most of her life in Italy where she studied International Economics and worked as a fashion retail specialist for many years, before moving in the middle of pandemic to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and becoming a full-time painter. Though largely self-taught, her curiosity drove her to delve into a plethora of art courses, from the vibrant strokes of material painting and the raw emotions of abstract expressionism to the rhythmic dance of experimental calligraphy and the spontaneity of extemporaneous watercolors. Every technique she mastered, she blended them together, crafting artworks that resonate with profound significance.Since when do you paint and what are your favorite motives?

Passionate about art from early age, even if life has taken me down different paths in the past, I have never abandoned my great passion, which continued alongside my career in fashion.

My motives changed through the years and according to my evolution. In the past my art was more figurative, reproducing landscapes and wild animals, I was later inspired by Japanese calligraphy. Now I create abstract masterpieces using a medley of mediums, including acrylics, oil pastels, watercolors, and inks. I further incorporate collages, ingeniously integrating snippets from past artworks, materials recycled from everyday life and mementos from my travels. But who knows what will come next...I don’t want to set myself any limitations!

When you create a new work, how do you proceed? What comes first? 

Inspired by the world around me and all the sensations it offers, making art represents and has always represented expression and freedom to my mind, which gradually switched to the mission of giving people positive energy and help them to live authentic and remarkable lives.

Every single piece I create is a tapestry of emotion and significance. So starting from emotions, feelings and motivational story I desire to share, I select then my color palette. My creative approach is fluid and instinctive and I firmly believe in transcending boundaries in art, so I resist confining myself to any set parameters and I can change direction along my art journey.

My mantra is: free your mind, enjoy the unpredictable, embrace the imperfections and live an authentic life.

From what do you get your motivation? 

“I have a dream” someone said…and I’m a truly big dreamer. My motivation comes from my mission that is giving people positive energy and help them to live authentic and remarkable lives. How? Through my vibrant colours and brushes strokes, by telling them a story, making people dreams and conveying them the motivation to live the life they deserve, a life where they are totally free to be themselves.

Your life without art would be...

Like a concert without music, a day without sunlight, an ocean without marine life, a black&white rainbow, a life without dreams.

What's the best art venue in your city right now? 

I would suggest not just one but three places I really like and where I would love to exhibit soon: The Back Room KL, Temu House and Segaris Art Gallery. Cool ambience, intimate place and amazing art exhibitions.

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