Five questions to Iryna Maksymova

Five questions to Iryna Maksymova

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Iryna Maksymova was born in 1991 in a small town in the western part of Ukraine called Kolomyia. She lives and works on Lviv, but moving next to Kyiv. Iryna has a graphic design education, worked a few years as a graphic designer and since 2020 when her artistic career has started, she took part in various group shows and residences.How did you get into art?

I can say that I was always there ;). My dad is a painter and I loved painting from my early years, however everything started getting serious when COVID hit. I lost my ordinary work and had a lot of free time to experiment and explore. I made my first say in the first month and never stopped since that time. 

How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

I work in naïve figurative style. I like to experiment and explore and if I reach some border, some sort of consistency I try to go beyond it, see what is hiding after it. But I feel that my works are special due to the combination of naïve style, exposed nude bodies and a drop of Ukrainian traditional motifs. How do you go about developing your work?

Usually, I start with sketches and then transfer the needed sketch onto the canvas. And that is it. Who or what influences you?

This may sound too simple but everything around me has impact on me. From my personal internal feelings to the people, I meet during the day. Everything I hear, see, feel, and try influences me and in the end my work. 

Make us curious. What are you planning to do next?

In terms of my professional plans, there are two exhibitions planned in the next couple of months: one in Miami and another one in Spain. In terms of my personal life, I am currently moving to Kyiv for two months to get to now new people, places, and ideas. Learn more about the artist: