Five questions to Joseph Reyes

Five questions to Joseph Reyes

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Joseph Reyes, a British artist born in 1997, has quickly risen in the art world, exhibiting in top London galleries and across Oxfordshire. With a growing number of collectors in Europe, his work is in high demand. In just 18 months, Reyes has emerged as a visionary artist, aiming to make a significant impact in the art world. He has already established 'The Collective,' a network for artists. Reyes' art, influenced by music chosen by collectors, reflects diverse emotions, seeking to unite viewers in shared experiences. His pieces capture a delicate balance between clarity and distortion, mirroring life's shifts, inviting viewers on a personal journey of thought and feeling.How did you get into art?

I got into art during the middle of October in 2022. I wanted to try something new and challenging for myself, I have always been a creative thinker and an individual who was talented in understanding emotions through my work as a football coach. I wanted to do something I always struggled with and master it in my own way that was new and innovative.

How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

My style is so transformational for the collector and the viewer, it is so fluid and deeply meant with every stroke of the tool I use. I feel I can bend the reality of the viewer with every section of the painting giving different meaning everytime. My style takes on the form of abstract with no objects or shapes, it is emotion at its purest form. The mix of colours weighted expertly and balanced where no colours overshadow any other. My style is shaped by music the collectors choose that has impacted their life the most and I feel this is the best way to really describe a person’s true self. I often ask the collectors their own personal story and I listen, understand, digest and explain all of this in the painting. What makes my work special is that the painting themselves are the actual person who it is made for. It is so different to any other artwork because the painting represents the collector themselves. My work is so sought after right now because of the way I am able to capture who they are in my works.How do you go about developing your work?

I do not look at my time over money, I look at value over money. If a painting a takes me 3 weeks or 2 days as long as I am happy with the product the customer knows it is at 100% satisfaction and skill quality in my eyes. I always work with maximum creative energy and have expert understanding on the artistic block. I can paint for hours and hours and be able to go again the next day with no hesitation. This is because I have dedicated a lot of quality time training my brain to be capable. I want to be able to jump and paint anytime on command with no block at all. I can produce at my highest skill with full creative battery whenever I want, I feel this is something that every artist does struggle with and I like to make things easy for myself but my sort of easy looks are difficult to achieve. I can be extremely productive in developing new works or carefully craft a piece over a period of time.Who or what influences you?

Vincent Van Gogh inspires me from the beginning, this stems from a lot of positivity he seeked to get from his paintings but never fulfilled it in his life. The impressionist styles has impacted my emotions going into the painting to everlast the positivity in the stories the painting would tell without any objects to attach themselves with.

Another huge influence is Gerhard Richter the german abstract painter, I absolutely love the way he distorts his works and creates an endless feeling but also a degree of incredible skill in the works that is highly respectable. 

I try to emulate these two magnificent painters in my own works, these two characteristics make a perfect blend to the recipe of my paintings.

Make us curious. What are you planning to do next?

I want my art to be exhibited around the world and be an inspirational figure in the art world. I am on the right path to be a success on social media, I understand my works and my mindset towards on creativity will have an impact worldwide. I have leadership qualities that drives to inspire creatives and I know my path as an artist will mean much more than just as an painter, this is the beginning of my journey. I have an established network of artists and actively networking to build connections through my other page called ‘The Collective’. I want to grow my social media pages to thousands because I have the resources to that with my current job. I have a driven personality and someone who really looks after the people around me in the best way. My followers have a real connection to me and I am going to spread that in the thousands with my work and my belief.Learn more about the artist: