Five questions to Kasia Kręcicka

Five questions to Kasia Kręcicka

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Kasia Kręcicka (born 1986) is a contemporary artist from Poland. Through her acrylic paintings, she create a visual diary – a space for self-discovery and reflection. Each artwork offers an immersive experience, encouraging audiences to explore their own emotional landscapes and find solace in the captivating allure of color.

How did you get into art?

Im gonna skip the part about childhood love for anything artsy. And jump few years forward. After graduating from fine arts academy for a brief moment I thought I’ll climb Ad Agencies’ corporate ladder, but quickly realised the chain of command’s ain't for me. This was a pivotal moment where I decided truly and honestly that pursing art professionally is the only path for me. As hard and as challenging it can be it is also the most rewarding one!


How would you describe your style? What makes your art special?

Always evolving always changing, I'm hardly ever satisfy completely with my work I always feel the need to experiment to find deeper connection between my mind and hand. I’d say today it’s a dance between expressionism and minimalism, who knows what it will be tomorrow.

Hmm special? It’s not my place to call it special or not… but when I know somebody was able to connect to my work on a deeper (than purely visual) level, and was moved by that’s where I may say it’s special. The Magic Moment of connection!

How do you go about developing your work?

The process like myself is often changing but few things stays the same. I start each work with the right music. Its crucial for me to set up good tune before I start. Studio needs to be filled with good energy.I don’t sketch before a painting but I believe every work that came before is sort of a sketch or at least a study for the next one. I do make a lot of studies when I approach new body of work. It is like a warm up before the game. You need to feel your hand!

Who or what influences you? 

People: Nine street women :) all of them! Per Kirkeby, John Hoyland, Franz Klein, Georg Baselitz Sean Scully. Places I’m always deeply influence by my travels, “new” nature I meet on my way.

What are you planning to do next?

I'm about to start my next art residency, and I'm extremely excited about it! I'll keep some of my plans to myself, but one thing is certain the end of the year always involves a lot of hard work. Launching a new project is on the horizon, but the most crucial 'plan' is to continually create even better art whatever that may entail and delve deeper into understanding my own creative process and personal traits. The last major goal for the end of 2023 (it sounds crazy, doesn't it? It feels like it just began) is to shift my focus from the online realm to the offline world. The online world has been incredibly noisy this year