Maarten De Naeyer

Maarten De Naeyer

Maarten De Naeyer, born in 1992 in Leuven, embarks on an artistic journey focused on perception and the aesthetic resonance born from his background in graphic design. He meticulously creates a visual language that reflects the fast pace of modern life and reveals hidden virtues in the ordinary. In his paintings, Maarten achieves a seamless interplay between form and texture, elevating their essence through abstraction and fusing them into a harmonious union.

How did you get into art?

I initially entered the world of art through my background in graphic design. I obtained my master's degree in 2015 and began working for various graphic studios. Alongside my day job, I founded Skrew Studio, which has since become my full-time independent graphic design studio. Throughout my journey, I've consistently pushed myself to create personal projects, allowing me to explore my creativity beyond professional boundaries.



How would you describe your style? What makes your art special?

My artistic style is heavily influenced by my background in graphic design, which has given me a keen eye for detail, texture, and composition with shapes. I've always emphasized the importance of these elements in my work. In my earlier days as an artist, I developed a unique technique reminiscent of lino-style pressing, which set me apart and added an extra layer of distinctiveness to my creations. This combination of attention to detail and my distinctive approach is what makes my work special.

How do you go about developing your work?

I believe in constantly developing my art, always exploring new mediums and techniques to evolve my creations. In the past year, I have experimented with sculptural works, tufting, wooden crafting, and captivating pieces on paper, among other projects. This is already a simple and clear statement that adheres to the principles. Therefore, the answer is: "This commitment to continuously improving and avoiding complacency is how I approach developing my work."

Who or what influences you? 

I draw inspiration from a variety of artists and creatives who have made a significant impact on my artistic journey. Some influential figures for me include Kelly Ellsworth, known for their innovative and abstract approach to art, Jan Yoors, who brought an incredible sense of storytelling to his works, and the talented Antwerp-based artist Jesse Willems. These individuals and their distinctive perspectives have greatly influenced and shaped my creative path.

What are you planning to do next?

I am thrilled about my upcoming projects that I find both challenging and inspiring. Soon, I will attend an artist residency at Hektor Lanzarote, where I will spend three weeks enjoying the mesmerising environment of the island. This enchanting experience will undoubtedly stimulate my creativity and produce captivating outcomes. Next year, I am pleased to co-curate an exhibition with WAJO-artspace, an artspace I established with fellow artist Luis-Manuel Lambrechts. This exhibition showcases our dedication to supporting creative expression and offering a stage for imaginative and stimulating art. Additionally, I plan on creating more significant and more striking works of art and connecting with fellow artists and art collectors.