Five questions to Ádám Dóra

Five questions to Ádám Dóra

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Ádám DÓRA was born in 1993 Vác, Hungary. Currently lives and works in Budapest. He was graduated in Painting MA at Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2017. The main body of his work - compromised mainly of oil on canvas pieces - is developed serially. These pictures are often the interlaced consequences of each other. He plays with the repetition and variation of recurring elements. The apparition of these motifs in new contexts creates a rich visual language that potentially has many interpretations.

How did you get into art?

As a child I was always curious about pictures. Drawing and painting my personal experiences comes early and by time organically turns into a serious profession in my teenage years. I started my education in a smaller group of studio workshops and after the secondary school I get admitted directly to the University of Fine Arts in Budapest when I graduated in 2017 in Painting (MA). Since then, I am working as a contemporary artist searching for new ways in the medium of painting.



How would you describe your style? What makes your art special?

Some motifs comes from pop cultural icons, some of them from nature. I really enjoy to find connections between these different things and put them together as an image finally reach an abstract surface. Also interested in go back to the great modern masters, rethink and use some painterly approaches in a new context. The world of fashion industry gives me a push to an other level understanding design and materials and put these influences into the paintings of mine.

How do you go about developing your work?

Traveling to artist residencies or just explore by myself has a key role to build up the upcoming series and works of mine. Also the experience of working with textiles and clothing for some years helps me to develop my sensitivity. If a work leave the studio I am curious about the new context and the dialogue with the environment. I also had some installations with murals and unusual spaces.

Who or what influences you? 

Great modern and contemporary masters like Henry Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Georg Baselitz, Daniel Richter, André Butzer, David Hockney etc. effect a lot to my work. I am also influenced by cooking meals, clothing and planting. These activities has a deep similarity how I treat a canvas.

What are you planning to do next?

I had a wonderful huge studio for this summer in Piramidón Barcelona. I made five big canvases there. Currently I am in a hideaway Artist-In-Residency Program in Austria. Here I am working on new paintings for my upcoming solo show will be launched in November 2023 in Einspach Fine Art Gallery Budapest. I am going to appear in a group show of some emerging artists soon at Casa Estudio Granados in Menorca.