„ATLAS" at Fondazione Prada

„ATLAS" at Fondazione Prada

The Fondazione Prada shows the permanent exhibition project ATLAS with installations, paintings and sculptures on six exhibition floors in the Torre in Milan. Among others, works by Carsten Höller (Belgio, 1961), William N. Copley (United States, 1919-1996), Damien Hirst (United Kingdom, 1965) and Jeff Koons (United States, 1955) will be shown.

The group of exhibited artworks, realized between 1960 and 2016, represents a possible mapping of the ideas and visions of the artists that have contributed to the activities of the foundation throughout the years. “Atlas” therefore traces an evolving path between the personal and the institutional, open to temporary and thematic interventions, special projects and events, with possible integrations from other collections and institutions.

Text: Fondazione Prada 

„ATLAS" at Torre / Fondazione Prada 

Permanent exhibition project


Fondazione Prada

Largo Isarco 2

20139 Milan