Five questions to Lesley Grainger

Five questions to Lesley Grainger

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Lesley Grainger is an abstract artist originally from Yorkshire, England, now living in Southern California with her family. Lesley has an art studio in San Juan Capistrano where she paints mixed media abstract paintings.Tell us your story, why did you become an artist?

As a child I was very intuitive, always engaging in creative activities. At the age of 5, I already knew that I wanted to become an artist. I had a short career in graphic design before deciding to return to college to pursue a BA in illustration. Throughout the years, I felt myself more and more drawn to the world of abstract art, experimenting with various styles and techniques. It was during this artistic exploration that I had a profound realization: abstract art was my true passion. Throughout my artistic journey, my passion for abstract art evolved into my primary focus as I began creating abstract art exclusively.

When you create a new work, how do you go about it? What comes first?

A typical day in my studio begins with coffee, music and my sketchbook, it sparks my creative energy flow.  I always work on multiple paintings simultaneously, enjoying the fluidity of moving between them in my studio. This approach feels more dynamic and rhythmic to me.What can you tell us about your studio, what makes it special to you and how does it influence the way you work?

I transformed my garage into a studio and worked there for a decade. I dreamed of having a dedicated studio space for a long time. In November 2020, my dream finally came true when I moved into my first studio—an expansive industrial space located in San Juan Capistrano. The excitement was overwhelming; it felt like a dream come true. I particularly adore the large rolling door that floods the studio with natural light and connects me with the outside world. Having a more spacious studio has greatly contributed to my artistic growth, allowing me to work on larger pieces and spread out comfortably. What I cherish most is the ability to invite people into my studio to share in the creative experience.Is there a work of art in your life that has especially impressed you?

To be honest, I have a deep appreciation for numerous abstract paintings, making it challenging to select just one as my absolute favorite. I can't definitively say that there is a single piece that impresses me the most.

Reach to the stars: where will you be in 5 years?

I am actively pursuing the opportunity to collaborate with a couple of galleries that I have set my heart on, and I also have aspirations to establish my own gallery that can showcase not only my work but also provide space for other artists. Additionally, I am currently in the process of working on a book that explores my art and its journey.Learn more about the artist: