Marie-Christine Pare alias Martini

Marie-Christine Pare alias Martini

Marie-Christine Pare alias Martini, born in Montreal in 1968 during a bitterly cold winter day, has nurtured her creativity since childhood, learning skills like sewing, knitting, and pottery. Graduating in interior design, she seamlessly blends her artistic talents into her professional life. Her journey reflects a commitment to creativity, from early crafting pursuits to formal education. Now, she channels her passion into interior design and abstract art, seamlessly merging practicality and aesthetics. Martini's story weaves a rich tapestry of artistic exploration, reflecting a life deeply intertwined with creativity.

Since when do you paint and what are your favorite motives?

I ventured into acrylic and watercolor painting to satisfy a growing need to create differently, freely, and spontaneously, diverging from my background in interior design, but also to explore the captivating dance of colors and textures.

When you create a new work, how do you proceed? What comes first?

My painting ritual involves setting the mood with music, an essential backdrop for my creative process. Inspired by the music and by colors, I embark on a journey of exploration. Imagining a fusion of shades and nuances, my work evolves into abstract forms, occasionally reminiscent of tangible objects or beings. This dynamic interplay between the auditory and visual realms shapes a harmonious synergy, guiding my hand to manifest a unique and vibrant artistic expression on canvas.

From what do you get your motivation?

The joy of playing with colors defines my artistic exploration—observing their transformations, orchestrating arrangements, and occasionally fostering tension between hues. My process involves experimenting with textures, employing tools like brushes, spatulas, and sponges, letting their effects unfold organically through the movement of my hand. Equally thrilling is the engagement with the audience, as I delight in hearing diverse interpretations. Each viewer brings a unique perspective, sparking an enriching dialogue where individual visions converge and compose a shared understanding.

Your life without art would be...

Art is my essential stress outlet, a therapeutic yoga for the soul. Life without it would leave a void, as creativity brings solace and balance to my existence.

What's the best art venue in your city right now?

I love strolling through Petit Champlain in Old Quebec City and visiting the variety of art galleries there. Additionally, I enjoy visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in both Quebec City and Montreal as they offer enriching experiences across various art forms—painting, sculpture, jewelry making, pottery. These cultural havens offer a vibrant tapestry of artistic expression, enhancing my appreciation for creativity.

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