Five questions to Peter Jellitsch

Five questions to Peter Jellitsch

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Peter Jellitsch was born in 1982 in Villach, Austria. He lives and works in Vienna. He studied Art & Architecture at the Academy of fine Arts and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. 

Tell us your story, why did you become an artist?

From my very early days I was driven by creating something. I have developed a very sharp aesthetical eye, with which I can scan my surrounding and add missing parts.

When you create a new work, how do you go about it? What comes frst?

Mostly I am sketching analog as well as digital. All my big canvas works have little siblings on paper, where I test brush sizes and colors. I like to work in different scales. Some ideas need to be transported onto big canvases, others can stay tiny and intimate.

What can you tell us about your studio, what makes it special to you and how does it in influence the way you work?

My studio is located in the center of Vienna, with a nice view on a green park in a calm and undistracted neighbourhood. As I am easily distracted, I look for spaces without direct access from the streets, shop windows, etc...

Is there a work of art in your life that has especially impressed you?

There are several artworks that influenced my way of thinking. One of the first encounters was a building by Günther Domening near the alps, where I grew up in the south of Austria. Its called „Steinhaus“ and it is still one of the most inspiring artworks that I can think of. Paintings by Mondrian had a huge impact to me and lately I discovered works on paper by Lee Krasner that absolutely blow my mind.

Reach to the stars: where will you be in 5 years?

I am very curious about the developments in my work. There are so many ideas that are waiting in my sketchbooks, where I cant wait to see them coming to live.

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