Five questions to Antonina Sofia Sociu

Five questions to Antonina Sofia Sociu

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Born in 1979, Antonina Sofia Sociu grew up in Tulcea, a city located near the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Danube Delta. It was there that she first dabbled in art and music during her early school years at the School of Arts before moving to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Currently, she works as an Economic Director within an institution subordinated to the Romanian Government. Doubled with a poetic sensibility, the artist possesses the ability to subtly transfer emotion into the space of the created image.How did you get into art?

As early as 1995, a first painting transposed on canvas was the initial proof of my inner burning, a harbinger of the passion that would accompany me throughout my life. Even though I chose a professional path in a more pragmatic field, in search of illusory security, my fascination for art never stopped grinding me inside, seducing and inspiring me. Regardless of the path taken in this life, my passion for art has always remained present, vital, a red thread in the fabric of my life.

How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

At this moment, my artistic style is characterized by an abstract expressionist approach, capturing the vital aspects of life from a perspective that combines psychological analysis with the aesthetic transposition of the profound themes I emphasize in my creations. In my works, personal experiences are depicted in stages until they attain the universality that imparts them with meaning and value.How do you go about developing your work?

Every canvas I touch and dress in color is a transformative journey, a manifesto of the beauty and complexity of human emotions. As an intuitive, self-taught artist, my essence lies in the free expression of creation, painting being the language through which I can express my emotions, thoughts and inner experiences. I do not plan my works, but I certainly feel when inner peace settles over inner turmoil, and it is time for me to stop.Who or what influences you?

In my creative process, I am primarily influenced by my own experiences and emotions. Additionally, I wish to share the soulful connection between me and the romanian talented artist Angela Pașca, a source of inspiration and learning. I cannot underestimate her essential role in my journey of exploring creativity, as she opened doors to the secrets of visual art in the midst of my academic challenges. My connection with Angela Pașca was enriched by the wisdom of anthroposophist Dr. Lazăr Pașca. Through them, the significance of art and spirituality was revealed to me, and this unique and wonderful connection remains a precious memory for me, even over the years.

Make us curious. What is planned next?

I intend to further develop my artistic style, to create works that continue to surprise and challenge viewers for reflection, and to promote art as a form of human regeneration. I want to inspire and encourage people to discover their own creative potential and express their authenticity through art.Learn more about the artist: