Five questions to Max Yanishevsky

Five questions to Max Yanishevsky

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Max Yanishevsky – born 1994, represents a new generation of Ukrainian artists. Engaged in painting in the direction of abstract expressionism and conceptualism. Applies an intertextual approach to achieve the ambiguity of the image and immerse the viewer in an internal dialogue. Studied monumental painting at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, and has been making art for more than 9 years. The paintings have a monumental character; large canvases absorb and do not allow ignoring their energy. The viewer interacts with the painting, unraveling one layer of texture after another, as if deciphering the layers of their personality, life, and universe.

How did you get into art?

Art has always fascinated me; nothing impressed me as much as the vision and essence of a creator. It represents the epitome of freedom in expression for me. However, my journey into art was not immediate. Initially, I pursued what seemed to be a more practical path, only to realize that I was deceiving myself. Witnessing, admiring, and creating - these are my passions. Finding beauty in the simplicity of life, such as sunsets and sunrises, fuels my creativity. I find fulfillment in creating something, knowing that it may resonate with others.

How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

My art serves as a catalyst for introspection and dialogue. I enjoy posing questions to myself and engaging my viewers in a similar introspective journey. I consider myself a thinker in perpetual dialogue, and my paintings reflect this dynamism. Bas-relief-type artworks evolve in meaning throughout the day, mirroring the transformations in the viewer's life.

I allow space to articulate through me, embracing serendipity in the creative process. Occasionally, randomness takes center stage in the composition. 

True art transcends its epoch. This discerns the authentic from the counterfeit. I endeavor to unearth symbolism that spans across past, present, and future epochs, anchoring values that endure despite progress.

Simultaneously, relevance is pivotal to me, resonating with contemporary times. Remaining attuned to the zeitgeist, I reflect not minutiae but global perspectives, serving as a mirror to my era.

How do you go about developing your work?

Life is an ongoing journey, devoid of a final destination, characterized by the pursuit of questions and answers. 

I remain receptive to novelty, embracing the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Experimentation entails boundary expansion, broadening both my cognitive horizons and worldview. Sometimes, project implementation or idea realization unfolds as an experiment, yielding invaluable experiences.

Personal growth is synonymous with artistic evolution. Consequently, I am continuously seeking self-discovery, exploring, and learning. Creativity embodies the artist's unadulterated expression, propelling my development as an artist, philosopher, and individual.

Who or what influences you?

Primarily, I derive inspiration from the transformative power of creativity, where ideas manifest from nothingness. These creations resonate with individuals or have a broader societal impact.

Make us curious. What are you planning to do next?

I am drawn to the extraordinary, objects that captivate and provoke. Consequently, I aspire to create similar experiences. In addition to advancing my skills in painting, I recently embarked on a journey into sculpture, with plans to introduce bronze sculptures in the near future.

Furthermore, I envision realizing monumental installations as part of future projects.

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