Five questions to Alejandro Cides

Five questions to Alejandro Cides

Alejandro Cides was born in the city of Córdoba (1975) in Argentina. He is a visual artist, management graduate, independent curator, musician and professor of visual arts. His works are part of the heritage of the DEJI ART MUSEUM China, the Centro Cultural España Buenos Aires, the MBA-MAC Bahía Blanca, the Museo Dámaso Arce de Olavarría and private collections.How did you get into art?

At the age of 11, on a guided tour with the school to an old abandoned stone mill here in the city of Olavarría, I magically connected with the place. I started to draw it and the teacher organized an exhibition in the galleries of said school. 

How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

I went through many paths but today I could define it as abstract with nods to the figurative, quotes to important art movements of the 20th century, to design and still lifes. It seems to me that the appeal of my work lies in the irreverent, the Uncertain, intriguing, confusing, fun and humorous. There are works that feel observed and others that transport you to another world, I want my work to transport you to another world. I insist on the idea that painting should be attractive but uncomfortable.How do you go about developing your work?

I start using simple tools like a pencil and ruler, lines and organic shapes are added freehand and I mask with paper tape to paint later. Originally I think of them as sculptures.Who or what influences you?

Many artists throughout my life have been very important and all in some way marked my point of view, among them David Lynch, Brian Eno, Tulio Desagastizabal, Pablo Siquier, David Bowie, Stanley Kubrick, Ron Nagle, Jonathan Lasker, among others. others. I believe that being an artist gives you the possibility of living and feeling life in a different way. There is a constant need to carry out ideas.

Make us curious. What are you planning to do next?

I am working on a large mural that I want to soon finish and inaugurate.Learn more about the artist: