Five questions to Anastasiya Devochkina

Five questions to Anastasiya Devochkina

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Anastasiya Devochkina is an abstract artist from Tbilisi, Georgia. Her style exudes fluidity and a profound connection to natural beauty, inviting viewers to rediscover our fast-paced lives and step into the uncharted territory of their inner world.How did you get into art?

I began painting as a child, but I never envisioned becoming an artist; I simply enjoyed the soothing, almost meditative state that the painting process provided. It was during the pandemic that I rediscovered my love for art as a means to escape the anxiety and uncertainty of those times. I vividly recall buying a watercolor set for my son and, surprisingly, found myself engrossed in painting watercolor sketches for hours on end. My fascination with the intricate patterns and textures of nature, whether in the form of mountains, leaves, or the ebb of the sea, allowed me to discover captivating abstract pieces within the tapestry of reality. Watercolors, with their gentle fluidity and looseness, taught me to let go of control over a piece. And although I migrated to acrylics over time, I still, to this day, view my art practice as a co-creative process, where I am merely facilitating the revelation of colors, water shapes, and associations.

How would you describe your style? What makes your art special?

I would describe my style as fluid, organic, liberating, yet simultaneously grounding and deeply connected to nature. In our modern world of fast-paced living, bustling cities, relentless technology, and the ceaseless pursuit of success, we often become detached from our true selves. Through my art, I endeavor to encourage viewers to slow down, reconnect, and find space to breathe in the remarkable beauty that surrounds us and resides within us. I use a lot of water in my work, experimenting with various tools to create a sense of fluidity, interconnectedness, and an innate curiosity for intuitive observation. Water, as a symbol of flexibility, depth, and acceptance, has taken center stage in my artwork. Through its graceful flow, I liberate the subject world and transcend the boundaries of reality.How do you go about developing your work?

Nature consistently serves as my most potent source of inspiration. I am fortunate to live in Georgia, where I can absorb the richness and diversity of the natural world - from the commanding majesty of its rocky mountains to the expansive serenity of semi-deserts and the profound wisdom of the subtropical sea. My travels play a pivotal role in crystallizing and nurturing ideas for future creations. Following this, I fine-tune my initial concept through the sketching of shapes that capture my imagination, while also crafting customized color palettes. From there, I immerse myself in the creative flow, allowing water and intuition to take the reins. This often leads to unforeseen and serendipitous outcomes, which is precisely what I relish most. I've experimented with various approaches and have found that leaving my rational mind behind after the initial preparation stage to be the most effective - although, admittedly, sometimes challenging.Who or what influences you? 

Nature, with its vibrant abundance, and the inner light that resides within each of us, serves as my primary influences.

What are you planning to do next?

I have recently launched a collection of prints and am currently dedicating my time to the creation of a new series of works set to debut in early November. In the long term, I'm thinking about development of an art therapy direction and exploration of new arts and crafts techniques in addition to my painting practice.Instagram