Five questions to C.S. McIntire

Five questions to C.S. McIntire

C.S. McIntire was born (1966) and raised in San José, California and currently resides in Walnut Creek, just east of San Francisco. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, he worked for many years as a graphic designer. A self-taught painter, C.S. continues to explore and express himself through intuitive abstraction.Since when do you paint and what are your favourite motives?

I began drawing and creating when I was a child; my imagination seemed endless. Creating brought me comfort, focus and joy. It still does.

Currently, I love the energetic release that mark making brings, as well as the subtleness of collage elements under layers of acrylic.

When you create a new work, how to you proceed?

My work is always driven by emotion. Occasionally, I will see a glimpse of color or composition in my head, but the majority of my work is completely organic and intuitive. The first layer always begins with chaotic strokes of black acrylic applied with a sponge; it helps me to both let go and to connect.Where do you get your motivation?

Again, my work is very emotion-based. Creating allows me to tap into both processed and unprocessed emotions that I may be carrying. I currently work out of a home studio which allows me to create at a moment’s notice. However, I do listen to my mind/body and take short breaks from creating. I don’t want to force something that is not there.Your life without art would be…

Fractured. Creating and/or being around the arts, fuels my soul.  

What is the best art place in your city at the moment?

Living in the suburbs, our art places unfortunately live in the shadows of those in nearby Oakland and San Francisco. However, our downtown continues to grow its art in public places with new murals and sculpture popping up regularly. In addition, a “maker’s district” is in its early planning stages and aims to create a number of new artists’ studios in downtown.Instagram