Five questions to Carolina Broggi

Five questions to Carolina Broggi

Carolina Broggi, born in 1990 in Italy, currently resides by Lake Geneva in Switzerland. She is an abstract artist who studied art in England and now works as a freelance artist, embracing a diverse range of mediums and tools. Carolina's artistic journey is characterized by an exploration of landscapes, lights , her thoughts and emotions. How did you get into art?

From a young age, my artistic inclination blossomed, influenced by my mother who worked in fashion and would often be immersed in drawing. This early exposure ignited my passion for art. As I progressed through my A-levels in England, I delved into formal art studies, further shaping my creative journey and expanding my skills. 

How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

In my abstract art, I gravitate towards a palette of soft colors, merging them to evoke various emotions within the viewer. This fusion of tones serves as a distinctive element in my work, allowing me to convey a range of feelings and atmospheres through the interplay of shades and tones.How do you go about developing your work?

Primarily working with acrylic paint, I embrace a varied approach using hands, brushes, sponges, scrapers, and more. Without rigid rules or boundaries, I find freedom in mixing colors directly on the canvas, allowing the creative process to flow organically. While I may start with a concept in mind, the painting often takes its own direction, evolving spontaneously during the journey.Who or what influences you?

My influences are diverse, drawn from the world around me: nature, weather, shadows, and light all play a role. Additionally, the work of fellow artists serves as a source of inspiration, contributing to the rich tapestry that shapes my creativity.

Make us curious. What are you planning to do next?

My upcoming plans involve showcasing my work in a shared exhibition in Geneva in January and participating in art fairs. Learn more about the artist: