Five questions to Dore Stockhausen

Five questions to Dore Stockhausen

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Dore Stockhausen was born in Mainz, Germany in 1966 and studied gold and silversmithing at the Zeichenakadamie in Hanau. She migrated to Australia in the early 90's and completed her postgraduate studies at Monash University, Churchill, Victoria. She now works full-time as a painter and lives in the beautiful historic town of Beechworth, Victoria, Australia.How did you get into art?

My art teacher in primary school wasn't the right person for the job, so my parents enrolled me in after school art classes. And these were amazing!  I learned a lot about painting, experimenting and different techniques. No wonder that I decided back then as a child to make a living being creative. For many years I was gold and silversmithing, self employed in a studio shared with my partner. Then around 10 years ago I took an artistic left turn and now paint full-time.

How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

My works are detailed compositions of geometric, hard-edged forms interplaying with soft, natural elements.

To begin I push, comb and scrape paint over the canvas, then when dry, sand it back and use this 'understory' painting for my starting point. Later, parts will be revealed again as fragments. Many layers of washes are painted over the underlaying painting.  This process continues with working back through the layers and painting further washes. This method of painting results in a rather unique visual style.How do you go about developing your work?

I see my paintings as storytelling, starting with an idea that then progresses during the various stages of working on canvas. Who or what influences you?

Living in a rural town my work is frequently influenced by the natural environment, yet every painting has contrasting unnatural elements as well. I want to share the ethereal beauty of nature, yet remind us of our human interference; not as a judgmental comment, but as the picture in full.

Make us curious. What are you planning to do next?

Currently I am working on a series of paintings that reflect on the idea of being sheltered.  Personal shelter physically from the elements, but also protection from bad news, natural and man-made disasters, even gossip and social media. This extends to protection for flora and fauna, shelter for the environment and the earth. Shelter from the storm. Learn more about the artist: