Five questions to Erna Uçar

Five questions to Erna Uçar

Erna Uçar (born 1979 in Ankara) was graduated from the Graphic Design School, Fine Arts Faculty of Hacettepe University in 2001 and is currently living and working in Luxemburg. Spending years living in Cyprus, Turkey, Russia and Malaysia, experiencing life and light in different geographies and climates, has had a great impact on her life and her art.

How did you get into art?

I have been talented in art and hand drawing for as long as I can remember. I graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Hacettepe University in Turkey, and for 4 years, I studied atelier lessons, where i had chance to practice, from original printing techniques such as drawing, serigraphy, gravure, to mythology, art history, calligraphy, digital design; a comprehensive education ranging from traditional art to digital design with photography and photography courses. I actually started my professional life as a graphic/web designer but after 10 years, I discovered dissatisfaction and an unstoppable inspiration in myself and started painting and continuing for the last 7 years.



How would you describe your style? What makes your art special? 

The most special aspect of my technique is combining different chemistries and different textures coming together, by combining very different materials, raw canvas, graphite, acrylic, and sand. Different textures with relief-like, fluid and creamy consistency play the leading role. Placing compositions and figures on the canvas for a long time with a unique front-back perspective is the most important stage for me that gives a clue about the result. I still feel like I'm producing graphic design works with traditional methods, and huge 2D posters with protagonists and extras. My technique, which has developed over the years, carries traces of graphic art with my figures emphasized in the fauvist style, bold colors and a construction free from 2 dimensional perspective.How do you go about developing your work?

Development comes after producing a lot and with passion. I have spent more time painting, by giving up the very human tastes that occupy an important place in my life. Looking forward to returning to my studio every time I'm away. I believe that the 10 thousand hours rule, which is widely accepted in the Far East, is a compelling but shortcut to reach a conclusion. Since I started "The Room Series", I have produced more than 150 works. I watched this series live with me, pause, throw away many times, develop, transform and mature.

Who or what influences you? 

People, the relationships I observe in my immediate environment, popular culture and media, the idiosyncratic moods of crowds from different cultures. We dress alike, watch similar movies at the cinema, and live in houses of similar architecture. Observing the loneliness hidden in the crowds from different geographies, who apparently live similar lives, observing the differences in the mood of the people and the behavior of the crowds in sociological terms, the effects of geography, climate, cities that are always bright or always dark, traditions that come with religions and still manage to continue to have an impact on modern people. Watching the effect of it helps me to come to a brief conclusion about the people living in the country I live in. For some, it is the contrast of "loneliness", which expresses colorful freedom, to deprivation, failure, illness or extradition for others. To achieve a harmony fed by contrasts with bright colors accompanying the pastel tones in my technical, intellectual and color palette.

What are you planning to do next?

I lived in Cyprus for 18 years, Turkey for 11 years, Russia for 11 years and Malaysia for 3 years. As of August 2023, I started to live in Luxemburg with my family. Apart from touristic trips, life in Europe for the first time makes me excited, and in terms of my work, every new country has played a triggering role for brand new beginnings both in my technique and in my works, I look forward to its impact on me. In addition, I will attend The Other Art Fair'/Los Angeles for the 3rd time, and in November I completed my preparations to attend The Other Art Fair'/Brooklyn. Being in America and meeting with collectors always excites me.