Five questions to Jo FitzGerald

Five questions to Jo FitzGerald

Born in 1968 in Birmingham, the U.K's second city, Jo FitzGerald now resides and works in the coastal village of Croyde, North Devon. She is a contemporary self-taught abstract painter and creative. Jo's journey into the realm of art began in her youth, and her career initially led her into the corporate world of advertising as an 'Art Buyer.' However, the arrival of three children shifted her focus to motherhood, temporarily pausing her professional pursuits. Despite this pause, Jo's innate need for creativity remained strong. As her children grew into young adults, she found herself exploring opportunities in interior design, where her bold, eclectic, and colourful style was highly sought after. Yet, Jo's passion for painting never waned, and whenever time allowed, she eagerly picked up her paintbrush and indulged her artistic instincts on canvas. Today, Jo proudly operates her own artist-run gallery in North Devon, sharing her vibrant abstract works with the world.Since when do you paint and what are your favorite motives?

“When I grown up I want to be a fashion designer!” And so it was at the age of 14 I embarked on my creative journey, repurposing old bed sheets my mother had cast out. Cutting and hand painting the fabrics before crafting my own ‘one-off’ garments! 

And so my love for designing and painting was ignited, and whilst I never walked the path of a fashion designer, I navigated a career in advertising, marketing and interior design, the flame of creativity never dimmed. It was only later, after years of exploration and self-discovery, that I  found my way back to my true calling: painting on canvas. Rooted in my love for fashion and interior aesthetics, my art now serves as a celebration of colour, energy, and joy, it’s ‘Art to make your walls dance!’

When you create a new work, how do you proceed? What comes first? 

At the onset of my artistic practice, I immerse myself in the sanctuary of my studio—a sacred space where I can detach from the outside world and immerse myself fully in the present moment. Shedding the weight of daily responsibilities and distractions, I embrace a sense of freedom and grounding, focusing solely on the connection between myself, the canvas, and the paint.

This ritual serves as a catalyst for my creative journey, setting the stage for the exploration of emotions and instincts. As I approach the canvas, I am guided by an intuitive response to the colours that resonate with me in that moment. Whether driven by boldness and exuberance or by tranquility and softness, my mood becomes the compass that navigates the direction of my artistic expression. Consequently, my work traverses a spectrum, oscillating between dynamic and vibrant abstract compositions and more subdued, introspective works, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of my emotions and inspirations.From what do you get your motivation? 

In my creative process, motivation and inspiration intertwine seamlessly, driven by a singular purpose: to evoke feelings of joy, happiness, love, and light through my art. My ultimate aim is to infuse walls with vibrancy, making them dance with energy and radiate positivity, thus enhancing the atmosphere and bringing a sense of warmth to every wall they adorn.Your life without art would be...

To imagine my life devoid of art is to grapple with an unfathomable emptiness. Art is not separate from me, it is interwoven into the very essence of my existence. Without art, the boundary between myself and the world would blur—I am inseparable from the art, and vice versa. Through diverse forms of creation, I discover solace, fulfilment, and a profound connection with my innermost self. Art serves as more than just expression; it's a manifestation of my soul, a testament to my presence, and a mirror reflecting the depths of my being. It's an emotional outpouring, a conduit to a transcendent energy beyond myself, binding me to something far greater.

What's the best art venue in your city right now? 

Nestled in a remote coastal area of the U.K., where galleries predominantly showcase seascape and landscape works, I recognised the need for something different. This realisation led me to open 'One of One Art Gallery' in Braunton, Devon—a haven for art lovers in the vicinity who crave something different. Specialising in abstract art, I am proud to be offering a refreshing departure from the norm, the gallery stands as a prime destination for local art enthusiasts seeking distinctive work - so whilst I’m biased for sure, I feel ‘One of One Art’ is THE best place to experience a broader range of work for miles around.Learn more about the artist: