Five questions to Ludovic Dervillez

Five questions to Ludovic Dervillez

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Ludovic Dervillez is a French abstract painter born in 1973. He lives and works in France in his studio La Grange Gallery. He is a graduate of the École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims (ESAD).How did you get into art?

Since my early teens, I’ve been a great admirer of the great European painters and the painting of the early and mid-twentieth century. I’ve always felt the need to create my own world, my own universe, and to lead a solitary life.

How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

It’s a sum of experiences, some of which I abandon and others which enrich my work over time.

I compose by instinct, mixing energy, tension, spontaneity and improvisation. As long as the canvas is unfinished, everything can be replayed and reconsidered at any moment.How do you go about developing your work?

In my process, I start by laying out patches of color, drawing vivid lines with graphite and oil chalk on a rough canvas on the flooror mounted on the wall. Then I use the brush energetically to give rhythm, place colors and draw lines with paint straight from the tube. The spray paint can is also used to give movement and enrich the composition. Nothing is thought out in advance, and each painting is a new experience, a new challenge.Who or what influences you?

I’m influenced by painters, mainly Anglo-Saxon, American and German, both well-known and les- ser-known, but above all bythose discovered on social networks, many of whom represent the current international avant-garde.

Make us curious. What are you planning to do next?

The same thing: painting.Learn more about the artist: