Five questions to Maren Maggiore

Five questions to Maren Maggiore

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Maren Maggiore, born in 1987 in Freiburg, where she currently resides and works, is a self-taught artist. Captivated by materials, structures, colors, and the evolution of incredible details, Maren M. Art develops her unique technique, crafting distinctive art such as her series 'Heaven on Earth,' painted with coffee, showcasing the beauty of nature through its diverse surfaces.How did you get into art?

How I got into art is actually a very funny story. My husband and I could never really decide what art we wanted to hang in our home. So the walls stayed white for a long time. One day my husband said, “Hey, you cook so well and without a recipe - just try painting an artwork, you have a clear idea of what you want!” So I came to art and was quickly caught up in trying out everything developed my own techniques, structural pastes & styles. I continued to educate myself and experimented every free second I had. So I discovered a hidden passion: what started as curiosity and interest during the Corona crisis has developed into a deep love for me. Very soon I was already receiving orders, working with renowned companies and was able to organize my own events. This all led to series like “SPLASH,” “SKYLINE,” “TRUST” and “HEAVEN ON EARTH.”

How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

I would say my style is definitely abstract yet highly expressive. Despite their "clean" and abstract nature, there is so much to discover in the structures and surfaces of my paintings. If you take a closer look there are more details to catch. A series which is close to my heart is "Heaven on Earth," painted with coffee. I am a big Coffee Lover, nothing works without coffee - especially as a mother of two little kids - so I was incredibly delighted when, by chance, my art merged with coffee, giving rise to a series that uniquely blends the beauty of nature and my love for coffee.

Behind this series are years of dedication and the continual refinement of a unique technique I discovery myself. Each painting in the "Heaven on Earth" series is the outcome of a profound passion for aesthetics and a tribute to the beauty found in the details.

What I think makes my art even more special to the new owner, is that I take on commissioned word. Involving my clients in the process of creation means a deeper connection to the artwork itself for both sides. We are crafting, crafting together a truly personal and exclusive piece. To be honest sometimes I even get emotional when I get to deliver the finished work and leave it into their new home.How do you go about developing your work?

Actually, I let myself be entirely guided by my intuition. When painting, I immerse myself in a meditative state and don't think too much about what I'm exactly doing. I think a lot of people including myself do overthink a lit on a daily basis. During the creative process is a time where i can truly let go of everything who is going on in my head. I follow my feelings, sensations, and my understanding of aesthetics. As a mother of two little children, painting provides me with absolute tranquility amid the hectic everyday life. All my paintings consist of multiple layers that I gradually build up, creating a wealth of details and infinite exploration possibilities.Who or what influences you?

My paintings draw inspiration from the diversity of nature and the profound emotions of life. Amidst motherhood, I find not only peace but also inspiration that reflects in my works but also in my „normal“ day. The harmony between my experiences and the various facets of existence, coupled with trust in my own intuition, propels my creative journey. The ability to rely on my inner impulses, feelings, and instincts is what gives my works their uniqueness and expressive power. I want to let people feel what i feel during the painting process.

Make us curious. What are you planning to do next?

I have just announced that my series 'Heaven on Earth' is painted with coffee. This was a significant step for me. I am now curious about which ne doors will open for me and what kind of development will lie ahead not only in terms of my work but als for me as a person. As a highly creative individual, it certainly won't be dull. I look forward to new commissions and collaborating with architects, interior designers, and many more opportunities i have in my head. Additionally, I am already planning events that will be a fusion of art, interior design, and fashion.Learn more about the artist: