Five questions to Paul Kuntze

Five questions to Paul Kuntze

Paul Kuntze, 29 years old, is a painter from Berlin, Germany. He started painting in 2019 as an autodidact. Since then he constantly improved his style of painting. In the last few years, he exhibited in many cities in Germany, Italy, Austria and soon in France. Since when do you paint and what are your favorite motives?

I started painting in 2019. the first 2 years I tried a lot of different techniques and tools to express my inner thoughts and feelings. In the last couple of years I traveled though Italy and visited many historic palaces and churches. In 2022 I began to paint my modern frescos which I still paint. 

When you create a new work, how do you proceed? What comes first? 

Firstly I scratch the primed canvas with sandpaper to get a smooth surface. After that, i spray layers to get the background. On top of that comes many layers of thin acrylics to paint the clouds. In the last step I create intuite Godscenes with flying angels. From what do you get your motivation? 

My motivation comes from different sources of life. Firstly of course other art which inspires me and helped me to find my way in the art scene, museums but also my own personal change. There was a time where I had nothing and no perspective in life. Your life without art would be...

My life without art would simply not be worth to mention. But also I think „art“ is a very big topic to speak about. Everything which makes us individuals is art to me. 

What's the best art venue in your city right now? 

The best art spot in the city of Berlin is quite hard to tell. I really love the nbbgallery and max hetzler. There are so many of them! Learn more about the artist: