Five questions to Petra Schott

Five questions to Petra Schott

Petra Schott is an abstract painter born in 1953 in Hannover and living and working in Frankfurt/Germany. She studied Fine Art at the Art Academy in Kassel/Germany and has, since then, attracted the attention of national and international galleries, art critics, and collectors. 

Influenced deeply by the artistic legacies of Cy Twombly, Leiko Ikemura, Joan Mitchell, Marlène Dumas, and Henri Matisse, the artist's creations resonate with profound emotional depth. These artworks engage the viewer in an intimate dialogue, extending an invitation to share in the open realm of artistic expression.

How did you get into art?

In my twenties, during a mentally exhausting period while preparing for a demanding law exam, I stumbled upon painting as a respite. Seeking solace and an escape, I began experimenting with watercolour paints, finding pure joy in the act of creation and the tactile experience of using my hands.

How would you describe your style? What makes your art special?

My artistic style leans toward the abstract, occasionally offering subtle hints of figurative elements. My paintings occasionally weave narratives that celebrate life, describe everyday situations  or delve into the realm of concealed dreams and mysteries. However, they do so in a manner that resists easy interpretation.

How do you go about developing your work?

My creative process begins with an intuitive and playful exploration of colours. Layer upon layer, I build depth and intensity within the artwork. Through a delicate balance of reduction and addition, the painting gradually unveils its essence to me, guiding me to its ultimate state of completion.Who or what influences you? 

My artistic expression draws influence from a multitude of sources, making it challenging to enumerate them all. Naturally, my daily experiences as a human and woman, shaped by seasons, travels, conflicts, and significant events, play a pivotal role. Equally impactful are the realms of music, literature, and poetry. Moreover, the profound influence of fellow painters cannot be overstated, as they have left an indelible mark on my creative journey.

What are you planning to do next?

I absolutely share your curiosity! Typically, I embark on my artistic journey without a predefined intention or a clear concept in mind. This means I can't predict my next project with certainty. However, I do have ongoing series like 'Venus on Holidays' and 'Magical Walks', and I'm eager to expand upon these collections with new creations. Nevertheless, I've learned that when I begin a painting with a rigid idea, it often results in something uninspiring, lacking depth and mystery. Therefore, I choose to remain open to the artistic surprises that emerge, allowing each piece to reveal its unique essence and secrets along the way.