Five questions to Tina Oelker

Five questions to Tina Oelker

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Tina Oelker, born 1973 in Hamm-Westphalia, lives and workes in Hamburg, Germany. In her youth, she learned and practiced nude drawing and modern painting in Hamm, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Portofino (Italy). In her 20s she studied in New York City at SVA and The Art Students League. She completed her studies at HAW in Hamburg in 2004 with the motif of the hare. Since when do you paint and what are your favorite motives? 

I probably started painting seriously and consciously in 1988. From the age of 15 until I graduated from high school, I attended the evening school for modern painting. I was always motivated by my my inner confrontation with the domestic conflicts between father and mother, finding my way in a seemingly dual world and the inner urge to make connections. My youthful thinking can be described as complex and quite abstract. Motifs were required during my studies at the HHW from 1998. I decided to focus on hunting. I used Greek mythology as a foundation and came up with the wild hare in 2001, which didn't stop me from going into depth again and developing a complex project from it. The 1000 hares have been completed and since then I have been devoting myself to free painting again.

When you create a new work, how do you proceed? What comes first?

First comes the frame, the canvas, the three layers of primer and often another layer of oil paint in a specific color. As soon as the first layer is dry, I begin to paint the first shapes and movements, followed by the process of observation, working and parallel painting further pictures, which are ready for the next layer. As soon as one painting is finished, the next is already waiting, so the painting remains in a constant flow.From what do you get your inspiration?

Basically, painting itself is the motivation. One painting follows the next. It seems to me as a natural process, it is painting itself, which I do not justify or question any more than breathing, loving, living, while at the same time questioning everything else, which in turn determines the motivation.

Your life without art would be...

… non-existent.What is the best art place in your city at the moment?

For me, the best place for art is of course my studio. In Hamburg I like and recommend the Deichtorhallen, the exhibition concept "The Space" and sometimes the Admiralitätsstraße.Learn more about the artist: