MÜHLE by Hans Peter Perner

MÜHLE by Hans Peter Perner

Do not miss, on July 15 starts the exhibition MÜHLE by Hans Peter Perner: an intersection of nature and civilization in the characteristic style of the Austrian artist.

Pictures like "In the lee of the big mill" should achieve a sensitization: Major issues of today, such as the use of natural forces in a careful and preserving way, want to be discussed by means of visual art and painting. Changes in the landscape can certainly point in a positive direction. Life is change. It must be possible to address important issues that shape the future without always bringing up the debate about special interest groups. Such categorizations distract from the actual topic; good ideas ultimately require above all committed driving forces. This is precisely what Hans Peter Perner knows how to express convincingly with his decisive brushstrokes that convey confidence. His paintings brim with natural power and inspire courage for new things. More confidence and less despair are needed in these discussions as a fruitful basis for productive work among younger generations.

Hans Peter Perner combines natural motifs such as mountains and springs, glaciers as water reservoirs with elements of civilization such as the mill as a symbol of human profiting from natural forces, which can certainly happen considerately. From the glacier mill to the paint mill in painting, and from here to the "social mill" of man, which collects, bundles and meaningfully transforms forces.

Text: Hans Peter Perner 

Schloss Kuenburg „MÜHLE"

Vernissage: 15.07. at 7 p.m.

16.07. - 26.08.2023


Schloss Kuenburg

Tamsweg, Austria