Theresa Gondorf

"For me, working with monochrome is not just about the absence of color, but rather a profound exploration of the subtleties, textures, and interplay of shades within a single hue. It is through these minimal visual elements that I strive to convey deep meaning and evoke powerful emotions. This commitment to finding creative solutions within the realm of simplicity is what drives my artistic journey."

Theresa Gondorf's paintings depict distinct memories represented in each layer. Some memories are intentionally preserved, shining through from previous layers, while others become lost beneath new layers. By deliberately painting over certain memories, she creates space for new colors that align better with the present, resulting in the final composition.

Born in Lower Saxony, Germany in 1988 and raised in the area of Osnabrück, Gondorf's path into art began at a young age through her exploration and experimentation with nature. She found joy in capturing the intricate details of nature through mixed media experiments, eventually focusing on painting. She uses acrylic colors and mixed media on stretched and wooden canvases.

Gondorf has exhibited her art in Hamburg, Paris and Madrid.