Five questions to Claudia Aedo

Five questions to Claudia Aedo

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Claudia Aedo (born 1977 in Santiago de Chile) lives and works in Santiago de Chile. Currently she focuses his work on abstract painting where he develops the connection with his emotions and subconscious.

How did you get into art?

Overall, art has been present in my life ever since I was little, and painting has always been on every stage of my life. I come from a multifaceted family where both arts and science were very valued, would say that in my family some of the most important qualities were willpower and creativity. Literature, music and paint were always in one way or another in my life.

I studied Engineering in the University of Chile, which has been a tremendous contribution to my career as an artist, the discipline, structure and tools that came along with it have made the path easier for me. I feel that since I have decided to become a full time artist everything has made sense, and it has worked as a way of synergy that has affected the artistic production itself as well as my career

On the other hand, there was also an inflection point when I transitioned from the figurative to the abstractive, for me it was a new beginning in painting, a much more free and light way of creating which gives me an enormous space of growth and helps me to connect with myself and others. To see what I express on the canvas and how others connect with it is incredibly rewarding.



How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

My current style is closer to abstract expressionism, it's a spontaneous painting which connects directly with my emotions, subconscious and the relationship that is created with the canvas in the exact moment in which I paint. I've been influenced by artists from all times, mainly expressionists and surrealist artists such as Paul Klee, Lee Krasner and Roberto Matta and nowadays new ones coming from the digital world.

My past experiences had an impact on my art as well, I see some abstraction of images present in my past that on occasion also show in my pieces. I think the energy that I give to the canvas and the spontaneity without greater pretensions in which | paint is what makes my art special.

Presently my works explore contrast, structure and chaos, light and darkness, the modern and the ancient. I hope that the observer can also appreciate these characteristics. I like that the art allows the spectator to complete the work with their own interpretation, and that this interpretation or connection that results with the piece might change with the time. This gives it a certain inexhaustibility, as the person changes the work does too.

How do you go about developing your work?

My work starts with as few ideas as possible in my head, similar to the blank canvas, there is a first approach with a few layers of paint, then, as stains and lines appear, I leave the work for a while, this time can be a day, weeks, months and later I begin to identify concepts, as if the work gave me new information, finally I can go back to work and this can continue iterating until I feel it complete.

Who or what influences you?

As an expressionist everything that I bring at the moment of painting impacts in some way the work, this could be emotions, climate, experiences, etc.

Music has a special role in the process, which I consider very important. I feel like it completes the connection with the paint and it makes painting much more fluid, creating a special atmosphere. At the same time, the images, patterns and colors both coming from nature or artificial sources are processed and interpreted by the brain, which makes them flourish in some way in the work.

Make us curious. What is planned next?

I am interested in exploring digital art and artificial intelligence, today it seems to me that they could be another interesting input. I am also interested in the study of color, at the moment I think that the majority of my works are monochrome, but colors have been slowly appearing in them and I think it will be interesting to see how they evolve in that regard.

I am interested in painting thousands of works, for me when I paint more, a space is generated that increases the speed with which my painting evolves and I am always anxious to see where it is headed I plan to increase my connection with people from all over the world.