Five questions to Petra Penz

Five questions to Petra Penz

Born in 1971 in southern Germany, Petra Penz now lives between Stuttgart and Lake Constance. She works in various studios and on a large scale. Since 2020, she has been exploring the intricacies of abstract painting under the guidance of masters such as Prof. Markus Lüpertz and Daniela Kammerer.

How did you get into art?

Art has been an integral part of my entire life. I've been drawing and painting since I can remember. While I pursued a Product Design degree, painting remained my cherished hobby—a space of creative freedom to complement the structured world of design. Since 2020, I've devoted myself to abstract art. It's here that I find the freedom, rawness, and dynamism to convey my thoughts, questions, and ideas, inviting viewers to discover their own answers.



How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

My style is abstract, expressive, and informal. I create my works through layers, shapes, and contrasts, resulting in pieces with depth and impactful presence. I have a profound love for colors and each artwork boasts a distinct color palette, which contributes to its overall expressiveness and uniqueness. I'm particularly drawn to large formats, allowing my entire body to infuse movement onto the canvas.

How do you go about developing your work?

I work in series, with overarching themes rooted in the concept of freedom: freedom in thought, action, expression, diversity—for each individual, for every idea. Often, I'm immersed in a question for weeks or months, which becomes the foundation of the theme. I begin with colors, layering, shaping, and reworking compositions until each stands independently. In this process, I uncover internal answers and insights that resonate with the theme. Initially intuitive and unconscious, later in the process controlled and deliberate, I bring solutions and clarity onto the canvas.

Who or what influences you?

In truth, everything around me influences me. Nature, weather, current events, social interactions, and personal challenges—all find their way into my works. On an artistic level, I'm influenced by the female expressionist artists of the last and present centuries, those who boldly navigated their path, often against conventions.

Make us curious. What is planned next?

I'm brimming with ideas and plans—what materializes will unfold with time. Currently, a new series is taking shape within me, and I'm excited about a major solo exhibition planned for the upcoming year.