Five questions to Günther Brandl

Five questions to Günther Brandl

Günther Brandl is a german artist, born in Munich. He now lives in Schlangenbad near Wiesbaden (D) and in Aarau (CH). He studied sports and art at Kassel University to become a teacher. In the last 10 years he devoted himself more intensively to his own artistic work again and developed his way of an informal artistic expression to process emotions and experiences.Since when do you paint and what are your favorite motives?

Inspired by my father's artistic work, I began drawing and painting as a teenager in 1972. I deepened my artistic skills and knowledge by studying to become a teacher. Since 2014 I have been working largely in an informal manner, sometimes abstract figurative elements also find their way into my works. The mostly fragmentary, sketchy, torn or deconstructive charakter of my artwork, often with many layers of color, invites the viewer to look longer and closer and stimulates their own emotions and associations.

When you create a new work, how do you proceed? What comes first? 

In my work I am inspired by impressions and circumstances in places that are important to me. From these I take “imprints”, frottages, found objects or even graphic impressions, which I often work on with watercolors but also with oil pastels, acrylic paints and printing inks. Brushes and drawing pencils as well as natural materials, discarded items of clothing, sponges, twigs, sticks and squeegees serve as tools.

I do not always follow a certain path in the creation process and I always welcome coincidences. Without having a preconceived idea, I am usually guided by the movements of the tool or by music, but there are other works in which a guiding idea sets the process in motion or determines it to the end. For example, when I want to express my emotions on current socially relevant topics.From what do you get your motivation? 

My drive to be artistically active arises, on the one hand, from the need to process my experiences and the associated feelings and moods and, on the other hand, from the interest in exploring the interactions between inner sensitivities, the creative process and its results.Your life without art would be...

In my work I am essentially concerned with emotional traces of memory, with the essence of my perceptions, with “what sticks.” Without artistic activity I would hardly be able to express this and I would miss a significant part of my ability to express myself.

What's the best art venue in your city right now? 

In my opinion the outstanding art locations in Wiesbaden are the State Museum Wiesbaden and the Reinhard Ernst Museum, museum for abstract art, which will open in 2024. In addition, the art association Bellevue-Saal also shows very interesting contemporary art positions. At my second residence in Aarau the Kunsthaus is a very important artspace for me too.Learn more about the artist:

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