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Otto Baum is from Berlin and has been working in the creative industry since the early 2000s. In 2014, he completed his bachelor's degree in textile and surface design at the Berlin-Weißensee School of Art. Since then he has been working as a freelance artist.

Since 2005 Otto Baum is part of the 6-member art collective KLUB7 from Halle an der Saale and Berlin. Their fields of work range from large-scale facade paintings to cross-room murals. Through the oversized work as part of the art collective KLUB7, he developed his own visual imagery over the past years. Otto`s interest and passion are working with wood and different brushes, his idea to combine both brought him to a new idea to build his own drawing tools, he calls them the OTTOTOOLS. With these drawing tools he effectively works on large wall surfaces, Otto Baum strings together sequences of patterns and recombines them. The process is in the foreground of his work, so he documents this process on film.

The Choreography Of The Brushes

Otto Baum also documents his approach and work with the OTTOTOOLS in "The Choreography of Brushes". The artist's first monograph can be ordered here"The Choreography of Brushes" Otto Baum, €89, hardcover, 196 pages, A4 format (21x29.7 cm), ©Cover: Frederic Leitzke

The Murals

How can you make a large wall surface symmetrical in a short time? Otto Baum asks himself this question over and over again in front of his 3.6x4.6 m studio wall in Berlin and constantly develops new OTTOTOOLS from it. He sees his studio wall as a playground to realize and implement new ideas, his resulting works are temporary, he paints over them each time again, this creates for him a lightness in the creative process. His favorites he then implements on linen and makes them permanent.

"Eight in one stroke"

In the work "Eight in one stroke" Otto combines eight brushes connected in series with full physical effort and precise handling - the result is a dynamic oval - eight unique brush structures creates the whole in one.

"Gimme Five"

For this 84 m2 mural at the Chassé Theater, artist Otto Baum multiplied his work "Eight in one stroke" with the help of his special self-made OTTOTOOLS.  ©Photos: Edwin Wiekens 


The POSITIONS series consists of 32 unique pieces. Created with 3 OTTOTOOL in 160 strokes. 


Otto Baum is a painter, graphic artist, designer - and he is an inventor and tinkerer. Otto Baum designs interior and exterior walls with color-intensive, complex, highly aesthetic structures, whereby the concept and the process of creation are the actual core of his work. He develops and builds so-called "Ottotools". These are devices that enable him to perfectly realize even complicated graphic structures, rhythms and patterns in painting. OTTOTOOLS are essential for the realization of his ideas and make his works unique. He regularly studies the working process of his self-made painting tools and designs the large wall in his studio - he paints over these wall graphics again to create space for new ideas.©Photos: Raviva Nsiama

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