Five questions to Samantha Malone

Five questions to Samantha Malone

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Samantha Malone is a visual artist who combines elements of abstraction, nature and personal expression. Born in 1979, she is originally from the east coast of Australia and currently lives in Tel Aviv, where she seeks to bring a unique perspective to the world of painting.

How did you get into art?

I have always loved to paint and I’ve been doing it on and off my whole life. When I was in high school, my final year artwork was selected to be in an exhibition in Sydney (Art Express) but I didn’t continue with my art studies. Instead, I studied environmental science and my life took a different path. However, in 2022 I made the decision to start taking my art seriously and I am now painting daily. I can honestly say, it was the best decision I have made in a long time.  



How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

As a self taught artist, I like to experiment with different styles and techniques. Depending on my mood, my paintings can be characterized by monochromatic colors with geometric shapes and repetitive lines, or by bold colors with organic shapes and intricate patterns. Because of this, my artworks don’t really have one particular style. Like me, my work is constantly evolving and l am always excited to create the next piece. Currently, I am working on a collection of botanical/floral paintings that have urban elements within them, highlighting the delicate balance between nature and humankind.   

How do you go about developing your work?

I never really know how a painting will turn out. I start with a general idea and see what happens. I usually start with drawing a few lines and shapes with ink or an oil pastel. Then, I select my color palette and start to layer the colors in an intuitive way. Sometimes I “doodle” on my paintings with acrylic pens to add depth and interest while applying extra layers of paint. At some point I know it’s complete and I don’t stop working on it until I am happy. 

Who or what influences you?

Everything influences me, especially the mistakes and successes of my last work. Having said that, I also draw inspiration from patterns in nature, other abstract artists, my childhood memories growing up in Australia, and my experience living in Israel through political and cultural conflicts. I attempt to embrace both natural and urban elements in work, finding inspiration in the juxtaposition of these two worlds.

Make us curious. What is planned next?

I plan to continue painting and putting myself out there. Recently I applied to two international art biennales and was accepted to both. I exhibited in the London Art Biennale 2023 this past July and it was an amazing experience. I am also hoping to have a solo exhibition in the upcoming future.