New at N&A gallery: Julijana Planinic

New at N&A gallery: Julijana Planinic

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We are pleased to welcome Julijana Planinic to New & Abstract. Julijana is an artist from Dachau, born in Wuppertal in 1978. Her creativity was especially inspired by the randomly flowing forms of pigments and water and the fine inscriptions on canvas. 

“My art is intended to encourage people to show their own individual view of the world and to encounter other views with curiosity and to support each other.”

Julijana Planinics talent was already evident at a young age through her interest in painting and drawing. She takes in inspiration from different directions, new techniques and conversations. This diversity is reflected in her artwork through energetic, but also harmonious colors flowing into each other. This very diversity in the artworks should be a motivation to affirm its multi-layered inner forces.

Learn more about Julijana here at N&A and anytime on Instagram.