Five questions to Vera Klaus

Five questions to Vera Klaus

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Vera Klaus is an abstract artist based near Paderborn, Germany. She studied communication design and has focused on painting since 2022.Since when do you paint and what are your favorite motives?

I started painting at the beginning of 2022 and painted a large canvas for the first time. Since then, abstract painting has never let go of me, whereby no specific motifs are created, but rather intuitive color compositions and elements.

When you create a new work, how do you proceed? What comes first? 

I always start by assembling and stretching the stretcher frame. I love to create a work from the beginning. Then I start with the first color element and follow my feelings and mood. Painting always makes me feel good and I'm always happy. This positivity is then transferred to my works.From what do you get your motivation? 

The freedom I feel when painting motivates me a lot. I have no guidelines or boundaries that I have to follow. I often forget everything around me and concentrate on the moment and let myself drift.Your life without art would be...

... less decelerating.

What's the best art venue in your city right now? 

As I live in a small village with my family of 5, the best art space for me is my own little studio where I can be creative and work without limits.Learn more about the artist: