New at N&A gallery: Julia Valtanen

New at N&A gallery: Julia Valtanen

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We are pleased to welcome Julia Valtanen to New & Abstract. Julia (1988) reinterpret elements found in nature, resulting in completely new forms and spaces. She lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia.

"In my work, I like to combine abstract forms and realistic objects but make them strange, as if they were from another world. I leave the viewer with hints so that they can move around and imagine their own world through my paintings."

Julia Valtanen has a master's degree in graphic design and has finished a painting course at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Her main fields are oil and acrylic painting and collages on paper. As an artist, she is interested in how everything is interconnected and influenced by each other.

Julia is currently working in her studio at the Ars House located in Tallinn. Her work has been included in several private collections in the USA, England, Czech Republic, Finland, and Estonia.

Learn more about Julia here at N&A and anytime on Instagram.