Five questions to Nathalie Theo

Five questions to Nathalie Theo

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Born and raised in the Ruhr Area with Greek and Croatian roots and Italian family members, Nathalie Theo was in a constant search of a place to call her home. So, the so-called “gate to the world” Hamburg became her chosen home 5 years ago where she finally feels like she belongs there. She has lived an artistic life ever since: From professional dancing to writing, her way is nothing but creative. Her artistic life in colours has only just begun since she discovered to express herself through colours only 3 years ago.

Since when do you paint and what are your favourite motives?

If you like to say so, I’ve only just begun. I paint for round about three years now and feel I’ve never been so much into something as into painting. Speaking of motives I don’t have favorite ones – the only thing is, I want to make them flow like movements. Because my whole approach is about movement.

When you create a new work, how do you proceed? What comes first?

The first thing is always the intuition. This includes recollecting memories: What do my thoughts make me feel? What do the feelings smell like? What’s the vibe? What’s the colour of all that? 

From what do you get your motivation?

My motivation is totally intrinsic. And I’ve never thought I would use this word ever in my life. But yes: It simply satisfies me melting colours together, creating things that do make people happy. And that’s my second motivation: To see that in this crazy world a seemingly banal thing such as a painting has the power to delight people at least for a tiny moment. 

Your life without art would be...

My life without art would be so much greyer.

What is the best art place in your city at the moment?

To be honest, I don’t know. Even though I like them a lot, I don’t need specific art places to feel inspired. The actual banality of daily life is my biggest inspiration: My morning coffee falls down to the floor: inspiration.  

Looking out of the window and seeing the raindrops on fresh leaves: inspiration. 

A well-dressed woman walking down the street: inspiration. 

A dope beat: inspiration.  

The changing colour of my dogs’ fur in different light situations: inspiration. 

The smell of wet grass after the rain has gone: inspiration. 

Looking at those old vacation images: inspiration. 

And the list could go on and on and on. 

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