Five questions to Troels Andersen

Five questions to Troels Andersen

Danish artist Troels Andersen’s (@troelsandersen) style is unique, figurative and expressive. His paintings are an explosion of form and colour with powerful sensitiveness in every stroke. Troels is inspired by everything that can add value to his paintings. Both nature, culture, musicians and other artists serve as catalysts for taking his paintings to a new dimension. 

"Soul free" Mixed media on canvas, 100x200cm

How did you get into art? 

Since I was a child I have appreciated art. I grew up close to the Danish art museum Louisiana and was fascinated by its exhibitions and vibe. Originally educated as a graphic designer I love working with lines, aesthetics and things being somewhat rigorous. But there was always the urge to paint outside the lines and go crazy, so once I began doing just that - it has been my journey ever since. 

How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

I will describe my style as powerful, abundant and colourful with a strong underlying modus of what could be fear and love interacting. My aim for the viewer is to feel empowered and intrigued. I know that I put a little bit of my heart in every painting and that makes my work  special.

How do you go about developing your work?

It evolves from sentiments -  I normally start a painting nicely and figuratively and then I loosen up and become more fragmented and wild. So the basics are mostly neat and nice, but then reality strikes and when I feel the pinch in my heart, I know that I am on to something. 


"I al evighed", oil on canvas, 100x200cm

Who or what influences you? 

I am influenced by historical events, my present and the future. I have an enormous respect and fascination for the historical and cultural paradigm  that has brought us to where we are right now. On that fundament I add my present and how I vision the future and the divine. I get inspired by everything that can add value to my paintings  - it can be nature, culture, certain musicians and artists that suddenly become catalysts to a new painting.

Make us curious. What is planned next? 

More “Me” in relation to the paintings. As previously mentioned every painting carries a little piece of my heart, so I think it is time to meet the artist so to speak. I am working on a large solo exhibition in my studio/gallery in Copenhagen and you are of course invited.