Five questions to Ali Pilli

Five questions to Ali Pilli

Ali Pilli is an Ontario, Canada based abstract artist. With a background in illustration, she is a self-taught colorfield painter her work explores human psychology along with colour, design, and their connection to the natural world.

How did you get into art?

Like most children I began drawing and painting at a young age. Art was and has always been a part of my life, whether it be just for me or to share with world. Growing up art was the perfect escape and as an adult making art is such a fulfilling dream. I took visual art all through high school and went on to take illustration in post-secondary school. For me it has always been about releasing my feelings and thoughts - the physical movement and psychological peace of creating in various ways has brought me to where I am today.



How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

I would describe my style as harmonious, effortless, and refined. My work captures how my soul interacts with the details of life and its environments but leaves room for the audience to have their own moment of transcendence when viewing it.

Hearing about the individual associations viewers have made with my work is truly special- everyone’s connections are different and the openness to interpretation creates such a special aura around my work.

How do you go about developing your work?

Developing work always comes from a place of exploration and play. I am constantly drawing from travel photography, nature, psychological associations of colours, and feelings. I paint on the floor, mixing colours in bowls and pouring them onto canvas, working in layers. I like to envision the colour story I am working with, the mood I want to convey, a suggestion of composition and let intuition be the guiding force.Who or what influences you?

I am forever influenced by the colours and compositions of nature and the human experience. It is dependent on the day, some days it's the sunrise, flower picking, oranges, the 1960’s or a photograph taken while traveling. My greatest influence comes from the desire to capture the boldness and complexity of life while at the same time embody it’s calm and simplicity.

Make us curious. What is planned next?

The past year has pushed me to really hone in on developing my painting style and to create a sustainable workflow for myself as an artist. Which has led to exploring new ways to share my work – at the moment I am brainstorming some new ways to do that with photographers, curators, and designers which is exciting. Currently I am finishing up my latest collection titled ‘Whata Life’, I have only shared a few smaller pieces so far and am excited to show off the rest. After that I have begun planning ideas for some large-scale pieces and getting into different locations besides the studio to paint! 

Portraits by photographer Sam Joy Mitchell.