Five questions to Lorna Sinclair

Five questions to Lorna Sinclair

Lorna Sinclair (b.1994) is a Scottish artist currently living and working in Glasgow. Graduating in Fine Art at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design (2017), Lorna has since exhibited work across Europe and the UK, whilst recently completing Art Residencies in Cyprus and Berlin.Since when do you paint and what are your favorite motives? 

Since I can remember, I have always been drawing, painting, mark-making and creating. My practice is process-driven, it all derives from an intense desire to paint and release new images into the world - that gives me great joy.

When you create a new work, how do you proceed? What comes first?

A lot of my work is inspired from spontaneous sketches made whilst travelling. Once back in the studio, I fill entire walls with these sketches and then translate them onto larger canvases. To keep the energy alive, I use my imagination and memory of my experiences to dictate colour, guided by the sketches. I love the physicality of painting – crushing pigments, sand, sea shells and using huge brushes to mark and caress the canvas. I don’t follow a strict painting routine; each process is slightly different which keeps things exciting.From what do you get your inspiration?

Colour is what moves me to paint. Wide - open windows, rich botanical scenes, seascapes and scenes from my everyday life are constant inspirations in my practice.

Your life without art would be...

... something I don’t want to imagine.What is the best art place in your city at the moment?

The Tramway is my favourite art venue in Glasgow. Not only do they always have a dynamic, diverse range of exhibitions in their impressive industrial building (formerly a Tram depot), my favourite bit is the hidden gardens at the back. Particularly in the Summer or Autumn months, it’s one of my favourite places to draw and read in the city, find a moment of solace and recharge beside the shade of beautiful trees and flowers.Photos: Murray Headrick

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