Five questions to Misha Cittadini

Five questions to Misha Cittadini

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Misha Cittadini, born in the Czech Republic, is a globally inspired artist currently living and working in San Francisco. Pursuing an MFA in Fine Arts at the Academy of Art University, she is on the path to realizing her dream of becoming a professional artist. Her artistic journey, enriched by experiences across continents from Europe to the Americas and beyond, manifests in vibrant acrylic works that explore the beauty and complexity of the world through color and form.Tell us your story, why did you become an artist?

My path to becoming an artist was deeply influenced by my experiences living across the globe. Each destination enriched my perspective, compelling me to share these varied insights through art. It was a natural progression for me, moving from absorbing the world's diversity to expressing it on canvas, allowing me to communicate my unique experiences and emotions to others.

When you create a new work, how do you go about it? What comes first?

Starting a new piece always begins with an emotion or a thought, often sparked by my travels or the environment around me. I envision the concept, thinking about how to translate this into colors and shapes. My medium of choice, acrylic inks and paints, lets me play with colors and create dynamic forms. The creation process is intuitive, letting the inspiration shape the artwork as it develops.What can you tell us about your studio, what makes it special to you and how does it influence the way you work?

Currently, my studio is part of a collection of dedicated workspaces provided by the academy. It's a vibrant environment shared with other artists and students, which I find incredibly inspiring. In March, I'll be moving to a new studio. I anticipate it becoming a personal sanctuary where the inspiration from my travels and the tranquility of my thoughts come together. It will be spacious and bathed in natural light studio.Is there a work of art in your life that has especially impressed you?

Is there a work of art in your life that has especially impressed you? I draw inspiration from many artists and like to experiment with different mediums in my paintings. Recently, I was exploring collage art by Jiří Kolář. I also admire the art of Jakub Španěl, Martin Krajc, and Gerhard Richter. Additionally, I appreciate the AI creations by Refik Anadol.

Reach to the stars: where will you be in 5 years?

Looking ahead, I envision myself achieving greater recognition in the art world, participating in exhibitions worldwide, and contributing to the dialogue on art and culture. I aim to explore new mediums and techniques, constantly evolving as an artist. My goal is to inspire others to see the world's beauty through my art, influenced by the diverse places I've experienced.Learn more about the artist: