Five questions to Tina Bergermann

Five questions to Tina Bergermann

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Tina Bergermann was born 1973 in Essen, Germany. Nowadays she lives and works for more than 30 years in Düsseldorf. 

Since when do you paint and what are your favorite motives?

I've been painting all my life and paint everything I like. Also life, nature and its creatures. My abstract technique developed 15 years ago because of a special dream. A dream of flowing colors.

When you create a new work, how do you proceed? What comes first? 

In the first step, I prime the canvas with all kinds of papers and materials that I buy all over the world. Then I run colors over it. Whether thick, thin, transparent, matt, shiny, luminous, glittering, metallic and many more.

From what do you get your motivation? 

In fact, I have no motivation, it's just in me and I just get going. White walls make me nervous. I need colors around me that cheer me up. As well as patterns or structures that calm me down with their regularity.

Your life without art would be...

For me, a life without art would be boring, sad and meaningless.

What's the best art venue in your city right now? 

My hometown Düsseldorf offers a lot of inspiration. There are lots of museums and art events. I personally like the K21 very much because of its many modern perspectives. I also love the Düsseldorf Art Academy's circuit. The respective final semester exhibits there, once in summer and once in winter.

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