Five questions to Alicia Gimeno

Five questions to Alicia Gimeno

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Alicia Gimeno (born 1989) lives and works in Barcelona. After studying graphic design in Mexico, she returned to her hometown and focused on abstract calligraphy of botanical forms since 2021.  

How did you get into art?

I have not always been involved in the production of contemporary art. My professional career began in the field of graphic design, I also worked in art galleries, as I have always felt deeply attracted to the visual arts. I never dared to take the leap, although in an extra professional way I have always painted, drawn stories, etc. It seems somewhat complicated and unstable to work as an artist and it takes a spark, a flare that launches you onto that dance floor, which in reality was always your dance floor. My detonation was my daughter. For some reason, when she was still in my womb, the need to finally start my career as an artist was born with fury. I thought that I should not bequeath stability, I should bequeath passion, a life enlightened by working on what I love and setting an example, daring to follow the path I should follow.



How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

My work is abstract, minimalist. It focuses on language, on all that a form can say about a background, on the voids that occur around the form, the tensions, curves, sensuality etc... I like to explore the possibilities of something as simple as the gesture of the brush. I am inspired by calligraphy, the natural forms that emerge from botany, roots...

How do you go about developing your work?

When I create I go into hyperfocus mode, the most important thing is solitude, being able to be with myself at that moment of creation. From then on, every day in the studio is different, I tend to work in a disorderly way, letting myself be carried away by what each particular work asks of me. Sometimes music plays an important role, sometimes I just need silence and time.

Who or what influences you?

Everything influences, my work is a mirror of everything that happens around me, I capture my own emotions, other people's feelings and stories. Each line has a particular expressiveness, the tension of the line and its curvature are impregnated with the atmosphere of the moment. I like to observe and learn from many artists, from previous generations or contemporary ones. Undoubtedly Eduardo Chillida has been a great inspiration for me.

Make us curious. What is planned next?

Lately I've been very experimental, new works in new materials. I'm having a lot of fun playing and learning within my line of work. But one project I'm really excited about is a... book! And I can't reveal more....


Photos: Cecilia Coca (@cecilia_coca)