Five questions to Christian Henkel

Five questions to Christian Henkel

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Christian Henkel was born 1976 in Rudolstadt on the territory of the former GDR. He now lives and works withe his wife and 2 kids in Berlin. His artistic education was received in Dresden, where he later worked as a visiting professor.How did you get into art?

I was just following the path that certain people in my life showed me. Since young I was inspired by artists and especially paintings. So after school I went to become a wood sculptor and then went to art school.

How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

The briefest way to explain my work is: I paint on objects. I am a painter, a sculptor and an architect. My work has its origins in the investigation of lines, shapes and space.How do you go about developing your work?

The work is continuous and happens in the studio. While making one piece other ideas are born and developed.Who or what influences you?

Influences range from seeing trash on the street, someone’s jacket or going to art shows.

Make us curious. What are you planning to do next?

I am working for 4 upcoming events in the near future. 2 of them in Berlin and around. This will be site specific installations which require special preparation. One of them is going to be at Berlin-weekly. I plan my first water fountain.Learn more about the artist: