Five questions to Denise Jung

Five questions to Denise Jung

Denise Jung, born in 1990, is an abstract and mindful artist. She grew up in a small village near Frankfurt am Main in Germany. As an elementary school teacher, she loved teaching art to her children. However, after a breakdown, she decided to take a new path as an artist. Art helped her to find herself again. Now she is traveling through Europe in a van with her husband and dog dreaming to settle down in the south with her art.How did you get into art?

Coming from a creative family, I have always been surrounded by art. I enjoyed the art as part of my studies the most. And as a teacher I also really enjoyed teaching art to my students. I loved seeing how excited they were about abstract painting as I gave my workshops. A trip to Italy in 2021 suddenly gave me the impulse to not only teach art, but also to become active myself. My breakdown made this feeling even more intense. I tried different techniques until I found a style that captivated me. In early 2023 I started my Instagram channel to finally show my art to the world.


How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

I got stuck on raw canvases. For me, these beige fabrics have a special appeal. I generally love interiors that radiate naturalness. This includes natural materials. The colors are particularly effective on raw fabric. I prefer to paint with pastel colors and light brush strokes to give my paintings a certain lightness. Lightness is also a big keyword in my life. Pick up the brush, follow the colors of my feelings, come alive (Marion Theresa). This sentence describes my work quite well. My works arise from an inner impulse and are particularly guided by emotions and feelings. As a certified ‘happiness teacher’, I have been interested in the term “happiness” for a long time. Through art and creative work I have found my inner happiness and my self-efficacy. Happiness has a lot to do with personal development and this is also reflected in my paintings. However, there is joy in life and well-being in every painting, as these have always been important goals of mine. I want my paintings to give other people joy of life and well-being as well. After all, people choose paintings for their home with which they associate something, which trigger a certain feeling or simply make their own four walls more homely. This also has something to do with well-being. After all, people want to feel comfortable at home. The world is full of little joys. The trick is to see them. In our hectic times, it is even more important to take breaks, feel the moment and truly perceive yourself. With my paintings I would like to help people slow down their everyday life and become more aware of the small, beautiful things. Focus on the little moments of happiness. Maybe you will discover a moment of happiness in one of my paintings.How do you go about developing your work?

Development is a good keyword and plays a big role in my life right now. Due to my breakdown I had to completely reorganize myself. Art helped me to find more of myself again and to feel myself. Through art I have not only found something I enjoy, but also experienced personal growth. My development towards more self-confidence, self-worth and self-competence is also reflected in my paintings. I always taught my children at school that mistakes are helpers. In German these two words contain the same letters, just arranged differently. I always try to keep this principle in mind when I'm creative. Mistakes are part of life and bring further development to your personality.Who or what influences you?

I am a very sensitive and empathetic person. I formally absorb my environment and perceive my surroundings in great detail.

I have always been interested in fashion, interior design and have always paid attention to colors. While traveling I get to know so many new places. This and nature inspire me the most at the moment. Music also plays an important part. I did ballet for over 10 years. The classical music helped me feel my body better and music even helps me guide my brush.

Make us curious. What are you planning to do next?

I'm full of plans and ideas. Through my travels I get to know a lot of people and maybe new opportunities arise. In any case, my own exhibition is planned for 2024. When I find a home in the south, my dream is to give my own workshops. I'm looking forward to meeting you some day.Learn more about the artist: