Five questions Bettina Steiger

Five questions Bettina Steiger

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Born in Morsbach, Germany, Bettina Steiger is an abstract artist deeply influenced by the vibrant surroundings of the Sultanate of Oman, where she currently resides and works. Her artistic journey has been significantly shaped by her extensive travels, particularly across East Africa, infusing her work with a blend of cultural influences and natural wonders. With a lifelong passion for creativity and crafting, she has recently delved deeper into the world of abstract art over the past four years, weaving her unique artistic vision that resonates with the essence of her inspiring surroundings.Since when do you paint and what are your favourite motives?

Creativity has been a lifelong pursuit for me, with my artistic expressions drawing inspiration from the captivating interplay between nature and culture. My work is influenced by the rich tapestry of cultural narratives and the diverse landscapes, as well as fauna and flora I have encountered during my travels across India, East Africa and the scenic beauty of my home country, Germany. My preferred motifs revolve around abstract interpretations of these vibrant experiences, capturing the essence of their intertwined allure.

When you create a new work, how to you proceed?

My creative process is an intuitive journey, often guided by the vibrant energy of the moment and the rich cultural influences that shape my surroundings. As I immerse myself in the canvas, I employ various tools, including brushes, palette knives, and even my own hands, to bring forth a tactile and emotive expression. This organic approach allows me to capture the essence of my experiences, whether it be the vibrant landscapes of Oman and East Africa, the serene natural beauty of Germany, or the dynamic cultural tapestries of India.Where do you get your motivation?

My motivation stems from a profound appreciation for the intrinsic beauty of the natural world. The vibrant energy and diverse cultural influences that surround me in Oman, East Africa, India, and Germany inspire me to weave a visual narrative that captures the essence of these enriching experiences. It is this dynamic fusion of nature and culture that continually fuels my creative exploration and drives my artistic expression.Your life without art would be…

like a coffee without the froth - missing that touch of creativity and flavor that adds a bit of sparkle to the everyday grind.

What is the best art place in your city at the moment?

Muscat, is a small but close-knit community for both local and international artists. It is filled with small, interconnected creative hubs, fostering a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere. Among these, my recent excitement stems from the discovery of a cozy art cafe where I am currently showcasing my latest art series inspired by my East African journey. This intimate setting has added a new dimension to the local art scene, providing a welcoming space for art enthusiasts to connect and engage with diverse creative expressions throughout the year. Learn more about the artist: