Five questions to Gaia Sun

Five questions to Gaia Sun

Earthy colours and textures inspire Gaia Sun to constantly create new pieces for the "Mother Earth" collection. The unique thing is that the artist invites her collectors to touch the works. How did you get into art?

I first got into art when I was studying psychology in college. I fell in love with symmetrical patterns that were shown in the Rorschach theory test. I decided one day to try it but with a bunch of different colors instead of the typical black,grey and white. I fell in love with all of the patterns,colors and textures I created. And those three things continue to influence the way I make art.

How would you describe your style? What makes your work special?

I would describe my art as a one of a kind. This collection “Mother Earth”, is a direct reflection of the way nature is embodied in everything. The patterns on my paintings that are made from pigments of the earth I turned into paint, reflect patterns on our skin, trees, the ground, leaves and many other pieces of the earth. Another part of this collection that is special is that it is interactive. I encourage whoever owns one of my pieces to touch, with gentle clean hands, the piece. How do you go about developing your work?

I encourage and allow myself to stay playful and curious. And that freedom allows my creativity to never run dry. I think for the rest of my art career I will be incorporating the earth into my art. And there are endless amount of ways I can do that. Who or what influences you?

Oh my that’s a big question. Everything does. I could probably write a book with this question.

Make us curious. What are you planning to do next?

Well, I want to continue incorporating the earth into my art. And I want to figure out a way to make art by helping the earth. So maybe going to junk yards and finding what’s seen as trash and turning it into art might be my next collection. Learn more about the artist: