Five questions to Mariela Bompadre

Five questions to Mariela Bompadre

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Mariela Bompadre is a self-taught abstract artist who was born in Argentina and also has Italian nationality, who today lives and develops her artistic activity in Madrid, Spain. She feels great joy being able to paint daily from her studio that she has installed in her house. A minimalist and cozy environment ideal for your creativity to play its game, full of natural light and sun that give you energy, and of course you can't stop looking at the sky from the large window, which is one of your sources of chromatic inspiration for its changing colors. She is an economist by training and an abstract artist by vocation. She grew up in her artistic practice in a self-taught way, she is passionate about abstract art and her paintings are constantly evolving.Since when do you paint and what are your favorite motives?

I grew in my artistic practice in a self-taught way, I am passionate about abstract art and my paintings are constantly evolving.

My explicit beginning was in 2009, at that time was when I formally began to develop and train my skills, attending private painting classes with different teachers, and I continued my training by participating in various workshops and seminars.

I come from a rational and methodical professional world. After a long time of being dedicated to my career as an economist and residing for almost fifteen years in different countries for work reasons, I changed numbers for brushes and decided to choose my own adventure with art and dedicate full time to painting starting from 2021 when I moved to Madrid.

In my works I use abstraction as a language to translate my personal experiences into imaginary landscapes, connecting and merging emotions, intuitively painting what I feel.

I do not plan my paintings, I let inspiration guide me spontaneously without a planned end point and thus I make each work tell its own story.

When you create a new work, how do you proceed? What comes first? 

In my creative process I like to use bold and light lines and graphics, which I often blur in a very subtle way, which are expressed as imperfect and rhythmic lines that capture an abstract composition rich in movement. This is the hallmark of my paintings, the free and spontaneous marks, this is how I start a work. From there, I decide the composition, and obviously the color palette.

Also, to give another accent to the work, I usually resort to texture using different media, to generate other sensory effects through traces, reliefs, and wear, among other things. I use acrylics, oil, charcoal pastels, gauche, I don't stick to just one material, I like a mix of textures.

I go from canvas to paper, because I like both. Large scale canvases are my favorite, although small works are also part of their composition, particularly to try out different materials, as I also spend time exploring other techniques and discovering different ideas for new projects.From what do you get your motivation? 

I use abstraction as a language to express my moments and personal experiences, connecting and merging feelings and emotions through creativity and imagination.

I paint intuitively and freely what I like, seeking inspiration beyond trends, because I believe that everything is in the essence and inside of each person.

If there is something that marks what I communicate in my paintings, it is spontaneity and simplicity, that is my hallmark.

My source of color inspiration is the sky and its changing colors. It is natural that, in some way, blues are protagonists in my paintings, as are pastel tones and neutral palettes.Your life without art would be...

The truth is I don't know what it would be because I can't imagine my life without art. Even when I couldn't dedicate full time to painting, I was always creating something for my home.

For me, painting is an experiment of continuous and permanent growth, it is a passion.

It is an invisible force that surprises me with the final outcome of each of my works, it is making the intangible become palpable, it is reflecting my life through my abstract lens.

What's the best art venue in your city right now? 

As I mentioned, I live in Madrid and that means that it is not only the capital of Spain, but it is the capital of ART, a city that is culturally rich in all senses and experiences. Just walk through its streets, or go up to a rooftop to see it from above, to recreate yourself.

A city with a varied and diverse offer of what you want to enjoy: museums, exhibitions, samples, whatever, sometimes it becomes an overwhelming agenda if you would like to have all the proposals available.Learn more about the artist: