Five questions to Olivié Ponce

Five questions to Olivié Ponce

Olivié Ponce, born in 1975, is a prominent Bachelor of Fine Arts residing in Brooklyn, New York. He is recognized as a master in traditional artistic techniques.How did you get into art?

I discovered my passion for art through a deep connection with nature and sustainability. The fleeting beauty of landscapes and the imperative need to preserve them drove me to capture them on canvas. Every brushstroke becomes a call to reflect on our relationship with the environment. My journey in art is, at its core, a commitment to the harmony between creativity and sustainability; an unrelenting pursuit of artistic expression that respects and safeguards our precious planet. This is how I came to "Petroleum," my latest project, which involves creating a series of poignant paintings that capture the ephemeral and fragile essence of petroleum in its final splendor of extinction.

How would you describe your style? What makes your art special?

My style in this series of paintings, which I have titled 'Petroleum', falls within the realm of abstract art, specifically using the technique known as 'dripping' or 'action painting'. This technique involves splattering and throwing paint onto the surface of the work, either using brushes, spatulas, or even directly from the paint container. I hold a strong belief in spontaneous and gestural expression, and my work is often characterized by chaotic and abstract patterns that give each piece a distinctive and personal mark.

My painting work explores the world of petroleum and its impact on the environment, an unconventional theme in contemporary art. It goes beyond the visual by addressing the complex relationship between humanity and nature, acting as a window to global awareness. I imagine that in 50 years, my paintings will be viewed with nostalgia and regret, understanding the impact of current environmental issues. I seek to evoke emotions such as melancholy and sorrow, promoting empathy towards the extinction of oil. My work transcends borders, resonating with people from different corners of the planet by capturing a crucial moment in human history. I invite the audience to reflect on the past and the future, to consider collective decisions and face the consequences. In essence, my work documents a pivotal episode, highlighting its unique theme, its ability to raise awareness, and its potential to provoke deep emotional responses.How do you go about developing your work?

In creating this series of paintings, which I titled 'Petroleum,' I found myself compelled to interpret this resource by combining both dark and bright tonalities, as well as employing textures ranging from fluid to dense. I used brushstrokes that evoke both the raw power of petroleum and the environmental challenges associated with its extraction and use.

As a visual artist, I grapple with the paradox that, even though through my works I aim to convey beauty and expression, I am also aware that my practice contributes to global warming. This awareness drives me to seek creative and sustainable alternatives that minimize my environmental impact.Who or what influences you? 

I am a visual artist passionate about the intersection of politics and the environment. My work draws from a diversity of influences ranging from artistic movements to individual figures, as well as contemporary political and environmental currents. Each of my paintings is a visual manifestation of my commitment to these issues and my desire to raise awareness, driving change through art.What are you planning to do next?

Allow me to share with you an intriguing glimpse into my artistic world. At this moment, my painting series titled 'Petroleum' is coming to life, with around 200 pieces scattered around the world. Of these, 42 are captivating viewers at the prestigious Multipurpose Gallery of the University of Guanajuato, Mexico. The rest eagerly await confirmations for future events.

However, my work is not confined to the walls of a gallery. I dive into the vast ocean of YouTube to share with the world the impact of oil extinction on our planet, through a blend of art and performance. Additionally, I'm on the brink of releasing a fascinating mixset on Soundcloud under the name 'Radio Politics', where vibrant electronic techno music intertwines with a touch of political insight.

As this exciting journey unfolds, I have worked tirelessly to solidify my career as an artist, always with the firm intention of continuing to capture my vision on canvases that become windows to the soul.Instagram